Inbound Call Center Services

Are you struggling to keep up with inbound calls? Every missed call is a lost potential customer.We’ll take it from here with our Inbound Call Center Services. Scotags team of sales and customer service experts will field your incoming calls to convert leads into loyal customers, respond to inquiries, manage bookings, and schedule appointments while keeping your overhead low. We’re always available so you don’t need to be-taking care of your business needs 24/7/365.


Answering Inbound Calls 24/7

Our customer support and inbound sales experts will set up a personalized inbound call answering system authentic to your brand voice and specific business needs, integrating with your CRM and scheduling systems so that each call center agent can manage your each and every incoming call exactly how you would and provide the same level of customer care.
Your incoming leads, prospective clients, and loyal customers call in constantly, risking a missed call. Our inbound call center solutions pick up each phone call within three rings, providing attentive, authentic customer service and capturing the customer’s information to power your business 24/7.
Our inbound sales & service experts, trained in your industry, will respond to inquiries, manage bookings, and handle appointment setting-whether that’s notifying your practice’s doctor on call, completing intake forms for your firm, or simply providing general customer care. As soon as we’ve completed the task at hand, we’ll let you know it’s taken care of, according to your standards.

Discover How We Can Grow Together

24/7/365 Live Answering Service

We never let your customer calls go to voicemail. To improve customer satisfaction and retention, our inbound call center agents pick up every phone call within just three rings-morning and night, in English and Spanish, and every day of the year, even weekends and holidays.

Lead Capture & Sales Intake

Cut down on administrative overhead while you build new relationships with potential customers. Scotags inbound call center experts will help convert qualified incoming leads into new business, saving you needless marketing and sales expenses.

Outbound Sales & Calling Campaigns

Create a better customer interaction and successful outbound sales strategy empowered by the information our sales experts glean during inbound call center outsourcing. Our outbound call center service provides lead generation experts who will scoop up leads, schedule callbacks, and engage in proactive calling campaigns to support your outbound call initiatives.

People-Powered Live Chat

Boost conversion rates and engage phone-shy customers when you combine inbound call center solutions with Scotags Chat, our live chat support tool powered by real-life sales agents.

People-Powered Text Messaging

With the rise and dominance of text messaging, a customer call is no longer standard. Combine inbound telemarketing with Scotags Text and expand your reach with real-time text messaging that allows you to connect with customers wherever they are, further enhancing the customer experience.

CRM Integration

Connect to your chosen CRM software as you set up your inbound call center service and keep your sales pipeline up-to-date with accurate call data and lead information.

Reporting & Analytics

Receive detailed reports on your inbound call activity through the Scotags mobile app and portal so that you can make data-backed business decisions and scale strategically.

Leverage Our 24/7 Live Answering Service And Take Your Business To The Next Level.

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