Client & Patient Intake Services

The intake process is important, but it can be tedious for new clients and patients. Leverage Scotags intake service to supercharge your practice, save time and create a streamlined process. Our live virtual receptionists will get the job done with exceptional customer experience. This way, you get the added workforce support to lead the process of screening and hiring new employees.


Design A Better Experience.

Whether it’s a new prospect or a new patient, our live 24/7 virtual receptionists answer calls, chats, and texts quickly to begin your customized intake process. These are just some of the essential duties of our virtual receptionists.
Aside from having excellent communication skills, our 24/7 live virtual receptionists complete the new client or patient intake service quickly and accurately to ensure you receive the information your business needs based on your custom intake process.
Once we’ve completed the intake service, all relevant information, such as medical history or required paperwork is sent directly to your CRM so you and your team can take immediate action.
Highly qualified prospects and happy patients ensure that your business can continue to do what it does best!

Discover How We Can Grow Together

24/7/365 People-Powered Intake Service

Live intake specialists walk prospects and clients through your intake process in English and Spanish, even in the middle of the night and on weekends or holidays.

Web Form Response

Driving prospects or new patients to a web form on your web site? Follow-up with an outbound call to move them into the intake process within minutes for a fully optimized experience.

Chat And Text Intake Service

While most intakes happen via phone, you can add additional channels as well with people-powered chat and text. Meet your prospects and patients wherever they are with 24/7 live virtual receptionist services.

CRM Integration

Connect to your chosen industry CRM software so your sales pipeline is always up-to-date with accurate client information and data.

Reporting & Analytics

Get detailed reports on intake info and integrate with analytics to improve customer service, track leads, and grow revenue.

Leverage Our 24/7 Live Answering Service And Take Your Business To The Next Level.

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