Call Center Services & Solutions

Scotags Call Center Services & Solutions will empower you to scale successfully, satisfying customer needs with 24/7/365 specialized support, boosting lead conversion with strategic outbound call campaigns, and optimizing for efficiency with streamlined intake, appointment scheduling, and notification processes. Scotags highly skilled call center professionals are trained to communicate effectively and close deals the right way so that you can take your business to the next level with clarity and ease.


Answer Every Call, Convert Every Lead, And More

We’ll set up a custom outsourced call center complete with inbound and outbound call services that align with your goals and the demands of your industry. We’ll answer your calls, collect key information, and complete predefined tasks—all according to your preferences. To ensure streamlined operations, we can integrate Scotags call center solutions with your go-to CRM and appointment scheduling systems, so you’ll never miss another appointment, opportunity, or sale because of crossed wires or poor communication.

We’ll answer every incoming call within three rings and handle any request or task coming from the other end—managing legal intake forms, booking and scheduling appointments, or alerting on-call employees. Once we’ve taken care of business, we’ll reach out to let you know it’s settled.
As your call center service provider, we’ll capture prospective customer information, nurture new leads, and craft custom outbound call campaigns designed to increase conversions. Through scheduled callbacks and lead qualification, our lead generation sales experts will strategically upsell, cross-sell, and close deals—all day, every day.

Discover How We Can Grow Together

24/7/365 Live Call Center

Our virtual call centers never take a day off, or even a coffee break, so your calls never go to voicemail. Our inbound and outbound call center professionals are always available to serve your business needs—morning and night, in English and Spanish, and every day of the year, even weekends and holidays.

Lead Capture & Sales Intake

Through call center outsourcing, you can slash administrative overhead while you identify and convert new leads. Scotags virtual call center experts will convert promising leads into new business, saving you needless marketing and sales expenses.

Outbound Sales & Calling Campaigns

Create a successful outbound sales strategy, powered by our call center’s lead generation and sales experts. We’ll scoop up leads and schedule callbacks to promote your business services, according to a highly proactive outbound approach.

People-Powered Live Chat Service

Boost conversion rates and engage phone-shy customers when you combine Call Center Services & Solutions with Scotags Chat, our live chat service powered by real-life sales agents.

People-Powered Text Messaging

Combine call center outsourcing services with Scotags Text and expand your reach with real-time messaging that allows you to connect with customers wherever they are.

CRM Integration

Connect to your chosen CRM software as you set up your outbound call center service and keep your sales pipeline up-to-date with accurate phone call data and lead information.

Reporting & Analytics

Receive detailed reports from your customer service call center provider through the Scotags mobile app and portal so that you can make data-backed business decisions and scale strategically.

Leverage Our 24/7 Live Answering Service And Take Your Business To The Next Level.

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