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People-Powered Call Answering, Inbound & Outbound Sales, Intake, Live Chat And Text

We do more than just answer phone calls. Our bilingual and highly trained agents help grow revenue and deliver a premium customer experience for businesses of all sizes.

Front Desk Support

A professional who is the first point of contact for all customers of a business.

After Hours Answering Service

A call answering service that operates outside of your usual business hours

Live Chat/Message Support

A step-by-step representation of how a live chat support conversation.

Inbound/Outbound Calling

An inbound call is initiated by the customer or prospect. An outbound call is initiated by a call center representative.

Email Support

an effective support channel that utilizes emails in order to resolve customer concerns relating to a product or service.

Rescheduling Appointments

Provide as much notice as possible. As soon as you realize you need to reschedule, reach out to the hiring manager or recruiter


Serving As An Extension Of Your Business

Whether you’re an SMB looking to punch above your weight class, a startup that wants to maintain strong momentum, or a large enterprise seeking scalability and staffing, Scotags bilingual answering service team of virtual receptionists have you covered-in both English and Spanish.

We Answer Calls And Book Appointments While You Work.

Anytime one of our expert virtual receptionists picks up the phone and answering incoming calls, your customers will think they’re speaking directly to someone in your office while you’re out in the field focusing on your many business projects. Scotags is a specialty answering service provider tailored to your business’ needs. Every live receptionist is trained in your industry and make it possible to handle more customer calls quickly and with greater accuracy.

We Capture Every Lead And Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full.

Each of our live operators qualifies incoming leads, reaches out proactively to prospects, initiates scheduling appointments, and answers every incoming call with total professionalism, building brand loyalty along the way. There’s always a real person who’s ready to help and every opportunity gets followed-up on.

We Convert Website Visitors And Digital Traffic Into Paying Customers.

The easiest way to empower growth without adding to your overhead, Scotags live chat and text offerings keep your business running smoothly with a 24/7/365 digital customer service desk. Boost conversion rates by meeting customers where they are.


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